What comes with the Kit?

The Kit comes with four adjustable legs, needed to raise the Ikea desk to the hight of a standing desk and a manual on how to mount those new parts. The legs are designed so you can use all the original Ikea parts for construction. More information at KIT Details.

Do you sell your product in white to match the white trestles sold by IKEA?

At this time, we do not sell the product in white. However, our product is high-quality, unfinished oak and some customers choose to paint to match the white IKEA desk.

What type of wood is the DIY Kit made of?

The supports are made of red-oak in the US which is not exactly the same as the IKEA wood but is very close. In Europe, our kit is made from the original IKEA beech. We have lots of positive feedback about the matching wood grains and we feel you will be satisfied with the appearance.

Standing Desk

How stable is the desk at maximum height?

We both use the standing desk at the full height (about 48 inches from the floor) and even with monitors on it, it is surprisingly stable. As long as you keep the trestles at the normal width apart, you should be fine at this height. The highest setting is good for a relatively tall persons (6’3″+).

How much weight can the desk support?

The standard IKEA desk has a max load of 110 pounds. We have made every effort to provide supports as strong as the standard IKEA supports. However, we must recommend caution not to overload the desk because it is higher than the standard IKEA desk and would be top heavy and less stable under a heavy load

What is the maximum height of the Linnmon Finnvard Table?

The maximum hight of our DIY Standing Desk is about 48 inches.
The original Ikea desk goes up to a bit more than 36 inches.


How do I mount the tabletop?

The holes in the linnmon table top are to accommodate different leg configurations from IKEA other than the trestles. Basically the screws are just there to keep the table from sliding around on top of the trestles and not really attached to the trestles.

You should be able to get the screws in the holes, but they are just starter holes. In our experience, just using the little rubber pieces in the top of the trestles and resting the table top on top of the trestles is enough to keep it pretty stable. But if you are afraid of bumping the desk or it’s in a high-traffic area, you’ll want to put the screws in.

Can I use a different tabletop?

The large TORNLIDEN table top has the same dimensions as the large LINNMON table top so it should work fine. What’s important is that the table top be at least 28 inches deep to cover the entire trestle. As far as attaching the table top goes, the top of the trestles (saw horses) has holes for pins to slot into. According to ikea, you screw these pins into the bottom of the table top and then the pins slide in the holes in the top of the trestles.

The trestles also come with rubber inserts for these holes which provide cushion for the table top on the trestles. We have found that just sitting the top onto these cushions is very stable for our normal work purposes so we don’t normally use the screws. Once you have a little weight on the table, you’ll fine it surprisingly sturdy. I suppose if you have it in a high traffic area or something other than normal office work you might want to use the screws for added security.


What is your refund policy? (Updated 01/24/2014)

We are convinced you will like our product, but if it is not what you were looking for, then we do offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
We will refund you the full price of the kit minus return shipping of the product.
Offer is available for 30 days after the initial purchase and just one product per person and household.

Product bought through Amazon enjoys all the usual Amazon benefits.

Do you ship to other countries?

We now offer our product through Amazon in the US and Europe. Please go to the respective Amazon pages to order.
From the DIY Kit Europe page it is now also possible to buy in Europe through our Buy Now PayPal button.
In the future we are planning to provide even more solutions to our international customers. Please follow us on facebook or twitter and we’ll update you when things change.

Additional Questions?

If you do have any further questions, looking for information about your order or do need help to build your Standing Desk, just shoot us an email and we are happy to help you!