Can I use a different tabletop?

The large TORNLIDEN table top has the same dimensions as the large LINNMON table top so it should work fine. What’s important is that the table top be at least 28 inches deep to cover the entire trestle. As far as attaching the table top goes, the top of the trestles (saw horses) has holes for pins to slot into. According to ikea, you screw these pins into the bottom of the table top and then the pins slide in the holes in the top of the trestles.

The trestles also come with rubber inserts for these holes which provide cushion for the table top on the trestles. We have found that just sitting the top onto these cushions is very stable for our normal work purposes so we don’t normally use the screws. Once you have a little weight on the table, you’ll fine it surprisingly sturdy. I suppose if you have it in a high traffic area or something other than normal office work you might want to use the screws for added security.

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