Good Ol’ Days

Winston Churchill working at  his standing desk
Winston Churchill

What do Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens, Donald Rumsfeld, Otto von Bismark and Winston Churchill all have in common?  Aside from being well-known figures in Western society, they all utilized standing desks in their offices.  While, no one would suggest that using a standing desk will make you a successful writer or politician, dropping a big name like Thomas Jefferson or Ernest Hemingway might help when you request a standing desk from your boss, or when your spouse gives you a funny look when you drag your office chair out to the curb.

These stand-up workers were not aware of all the health benefits of standing in the workplace that have come to light in recent years, but they certainly had reasons for preferring to stand. Perhaps it was because standing gave them more energy, reduced their back pain or simply empowered them with an increased freedom to move about the workspace.  Whatever their reasons, standing desks worked for these highly successful people, so why not give it a try yourself.

Churchill once said “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”  Isn’t it time you made a change to be healthier?  Get started today with a standing desk kit from

Ernest Hemingway and Standing Desk

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