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You can assemble your very own standing desk using our DIY Standing Desk Kit in five easy steps.
What You’ll Need:
1. DIY Standing Desk Kit (1)
2. Ikea Vika Artur / FINNVARD (2)
3. Ikea Vika Amon / LINNMON Table top (1)

Step 1: First, look at image 1 of the Ikea Vika Artur / FINNVARD instruction manual.

Step 2: Substitute the two Ikea adjustable legs for our two DIY Standing Desk Kit adjustable support legs and continue with IKEA instructions. This is critical!

Step 3: Once you’ve assembled the first Vika Artur / FINNVARD you will need to assemble the second one. Make sure to substitute our DIY Standing Desk Kit adjustable support legs as you did in Step 2.

Step 4: With both of the Ikea Vika Artur / FINNVARD’s assembled you’re ready to mount the Ikea Vika Amon / LINNMON table top. Adjust the height and angle according to your preference.

Step 5: That’s it, you’re finished! Celebrate with the ice cold beverage of your choice.

Enjoying the health benefits of a standing desk has never been easier – or more affordable.
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