Why Just Sit When You Can Active Sit

What do you get from sitting in that conventional office chair all day long? Loads upon loads of health problems. Human beings were born to move, not sit still. If you’re stuck in this rut, check out this video (http://youtu.be/PB3XXszFW9I) and rethink your sitting with Active Sitting immediately!

Conventional chairs only provide passive support where the chair does all the work, but Active Sitting lets your body do more of the work. Did you know that people naturally start fidgeting within 20 seconds of sitting down? That’s why it’s important to have a chair that moves with you. Active Sitting allows the angle between your upper and lower body to open up. This works your core, keeps your spine lubricated, burns calories, increases oxygen levels, and the freedom to move even aids in concentration. Now that’s what I call healthy sitting!

If you’re ahead of the game, and already using a standing desk, then an Active Standing Support is an absolute must. It reduces the pressure of standing so you can avoid those pesky problems associated with prolonged standing.

This all may take some getting used to (like all healthy lifestyle changes do), but if you start Active Sitting for only two hours a day (or even eight hours if you’re feeling ambitious), your body will thank you.

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