A New Direction in Education

ClassroomSchools are supposed to ensure that students are able to learn in an appropriate environment. Although textbooks are vital in making sure that students learn the material for the different areas of study for their particular grade level, if students are not comfortable in the classroom, learning can seem more like a chore rather than an opportunity to master something new. For far too long, the desks that students sit in for six hours per day are so uncomfortable and poorly designed that they cannot actually help students enjoy the learning experience, but with the standing desks that have begun to make their way into classrooms across the country, the schools are taking steps in making sure not only that students learn but also that they are improving their health.

Here an example of an Elementary School in Palm Coast, Florida.

Human beings are born to be physically active, so sitting all day is quite unhealthy. As we hear frequently in the media, obesity is on the rise and our children of today may not live to be as old as their parents due to their sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits; however, by using standing desks, these children burn 20% more calories per hour than those sitting at a traditional desk, thus helping them lose weight as they learn. Moreover, as the children stand, they are also improving their posture.

Standing desks can also help students psychologically. By standing while learning, the students feel more energized and are able to listen to the teacher and participate in class discussions. Additionally, their attention span is improved so that they can focus better on their work rather than becoming distracted easily. By becoming more alert, students are improving the health of their brain at the same time.

Research shows that two-thirds of students prefer to use standing desks and with such promise, these desks could eventually become the norm in our schools.