The Onion – Standing Desk Report ; )

The OnionIn this new age, it is not uncommon for people to love boasting about their new “healthy living” strategy, or “workout plan” and how their way is ultimately- the best. Sure, hot yoga, P90X, and the juice cleanse can do a lot for you. But if you think you are tough enough and flexible enough to workout at work to maximize your health guru benefits and time spent away from the gym, then you should listen up! Or maybe you’re the boss reading this looking to remodel the office? Sick of buying or replacing chairs? Well we have good news, now you can cut them out of the company budget!

The OnionGrab life by the horns and kick back your chairs! Literally. With the easy DIY Standing Desk Kit, office go-ers can really get the best of both worlds. Work is the root word of workout after all. Research regarding the use of standing desks at work discussed in a recent article by The Onion found that standing desks can “…increase coworkers’ disdain by as much as 70 percent”. However, more recent research has confirmed that this is just because they are jealous of standing desk users sculpted thighs and calves!

Sure, standing at work might be a little awkward at first. But if you follow these two easy steps you will have no need to worry. Remember, this is for the sake of your health!
1) Just always remember to avoid itching…people can see you!
2) A standing desk says that you’re the best in the room, more ambitious than the sitters. Don’t let co-workers make you feel bad about that!

So grab one today for bragging rights and the new you that says you really are tired of sitting on your butt!