Our Desk

We’re big fans of standing desks around here.

And no wonder!

If you’ve been paying attention to major media outlets you’ve no doubt heard that prolonged sitting is one of the worst things you can do for your health.

Those eight hours most adults spend sitting during a typical work day dramatically increase the risk for diabetes, obesity, and death – not to mention a host of other ailments. Yikes.

When you understand the serious health risks involved with prolonged sitting it doesn’t make sense not to use a standing desk.

The problem is, for all the obvious health benefits of using a standing desk most of the models currently available are quite expensive.

Standing desks start at as much as $500 – and go up considerably from there.

Sure, there are some DIY kits out there but all the ones we found require “real” tools and a wasted Saturday. And if you don’t know a hammer from a hacksaw chances are you’ll end up with something that looks less like a standing desk and more like a busted game of office furniture Jenga.

We don’t think good health should cost a fortune – or require master craftsman carpentry skills to assemble. That’s why we decided to build our own standing desk using easy to find items that would look good, not break the bank, and be simple to assemble. Here is our desk:

DIY Standing Desk Kit - Desk in Room with Shelf
DIY Standing Desk Kit – Desk in Room with Shelf

Our DIY Standing Desk Kit is an easy to assemble kit that allows you to enjoy the health benefits of standing while you work – affordably.

If our standing desk looks familiar that’s because it utilizes elements from IKEA’s Vika series of tables and desks (Ikea name changed) along with our made in the USA, 100% solid-oak supports to allow 8 different adjustment heights.
See Kit Details and How to for more info.