– it is simple!


Step 1
Our DIY Standing Desk Kit comes with these four adjustable legs - 100% compatible to IKEA screws and tools!

Order your DIY Standing Desk Kit on
Four sturdy, adjustable-height replacement legs to get your desired standing height.




IKEA VIKA Artur / FINNVARD adjustable-height desk with white table top

Step 2

While waiting for your fast Amazon shipment go to IKEA and get the IKEA LINNMON / FINNVARD adjustable-height standard desk.
You need two trestles and a tabletop.
See How To for more information.




DIY Standing Desk Kit - Adjustable Heights

Step 3
Within minutes of your DIY Kit arrival, build your DIY desk using the original IKEA screws and tools.
Enjoy the outSTANDING result!
– adjustable to 8 heights
– elegant & functional design
– wider supports for great stability
See our Gallery for inspiration!



Get Started!

Here are the specifications to our DIY Standing Desk Kit
And here is a more detailed version on how to build your Standing Desk.