Standing Up For a Month

Standing CarDan Kois is a stand up dude. Literally. He has been standing up and only sitting down to drive, for more than a month now. He used a standing desk for a month and has reduced his sitting time to a minimum. In his article he is talking about his benefits and what things helped him to follow through.

First of all, Dan Kois found out that his upper body was stronger from all of his standing. Secondly, he found that he was no longer needing to take a nap at two o’clock. Finally, he found that he would simply take a walk around his office when he encountered writer’s block instead of sitting down and wasting time. Standing actually increased his productivity in the office. At the end of the month he literally lost five pounds and gained some extra muscle in his legs.

He used standing desk for part of his standing endeavors, and he was a better person for it. He emerged from his standing project as more active and more healthy.