This Spring you will fall in love…

… with your new DIY Standing Desk

Standing View of Miami

DIY Kit into the Spring


Spring is near, so get off to the right start this year by preparing your body for spring activities. Sure, going to the gym will help, but did you know that simply switching to a standing desk while you work can increase the strength of your legs and feet, improve posture, releave stress on your spine, improve circulation to your legs, and reduce your risk of many diseases (see our benefits page for more).



Miami Office Life


We at DIY Standing Desk Kit want to help you have that great start into spring, and that’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to get off your butt. Our Kit is now offered through Amazon Prime, which means that you can take advantage of their free and fast shipping. Now you can pop down to IKEA, buy the FINNVARD/LINNMOM table, order our Kit from Amazon and be set up for less than $165 and in just a couple of days. Stand up and join the revolution!


Fall in Love with your DIY Desk

Meet Shaila at our Miami DIY Standing Desk Kit Photo-Shoot

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