Using A Standing Desk: One Year Experiment

One YearCia Bernales first came across the concept of using a standing desk when she was visiting her friend whose husband was using one. She decided to make herself a makeshift standing desk at work, much to the surprise of her colleagues. Some of them even made a bet with her that she wouldn’t last three months using it. She has currently been using the desk for well over a year and has no plans to return to a conventional desk.

The benefits that she found when using the standing desk soon convinced her that she had made the right move. Although standing all day did take some getting used to, she soon found that her posture improved and that she did not feel so fatigued or tense at the end of the day. Her posture soon began to improve as she was not hunched over a desk all day. As she was already standing, this made her more likely to go across to a colleagues desk if she needed something, rather than sending an email.

Her standing desk experience was improved further when she introduced a Locus seat to her set up. This seat distributes your weight more evenly throughout your lower body and takes some of the pressure off your feet. These seats are quite expensive and you have to make sure they are adjusted to your height but they can improve your posture even further because they encourage your spine to be in a neutral position.

You can read the full article detailing all of Cia Bernales experiences while using a standing desk here at Fast Company.